The letter was sent to embassies of USA, CZE, GBE, IND, SWI, GRE, AUT, IRE, JPN, EGP, CAN, SLO, KOR, SPA, PAL, IZR, IND, SRB, GER, UKR, NED, CHI, ALB, ITA, ROM, VIE, TUR, DEN, HUN, KAZ, NOR, RUS, POL, FRE, POR located in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Dear embassy representatives,

The second round of the Slovak presidential elections takes place on March 30th 2019. The European Parliament elections take place on May 25th 2019.

We would like to inform you that a citizens initiative, named “Srdcom doma” (Heart at home), that represents citizens of Slovak republic who are abroad during the time of the elections, appeals for the right to vote from abroad in any elections held in the Slovak Republic.

We request an audience with the Prime Minister, Peter Pellegrini, in order to suggest that all our citizens should be allowed to exercise their right to vote in the presidential elections and European elections. This option should be enabled even to those that exercise the right to freedom of movement, as is the case in parliamentary elections or referendums.

Please find the open letter addressed to the prime minister, published on March 19th 2019, in the attachments.

Millions of European citizens and hundreds of thousands of Slovak citizens (about 10% of Slovak population) migrate throughout EU for work, studies, or simply to explore the world. But according to our Minister of Foreign Affairs Miroslav Lajčák, up to 1 – 1.5 millions of Slovak citizens can be considered as migrants, which represents a considerable fraction of all voters!

We consider restricting the votership only to citizens physically present in Slovak republic at the time of elections to be unconstitutional. For this reason, we have filed a Appeals to Constitutional Court over Ban on Voting from Abroad. Unfortunately, the Constitutional Court is currently partially paralysed, mainly due to political obstructions of the coalition parties.

We are concerned about the legitimacy of the elections, in which a significant part of voters is excluded from participation.

We encourage you to share these information with media in your country.

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Samuel Zubo

Head of the citizens’ initiative Srdcom doma (translation: Heart at home)